Pizzellis Italian Restaurant 

Pizzelli's Italian Restaurant

Great food at prices that you will enjoy as well!

Husband and wife team of Gus and Maria have put together a menu that you give you many, many choices. An Italian restaurant that has everything!  Pizza, pasta, wings, seafood, sandwiches, and so much more. A quick lunch, or a slow romantic dinner can be enjoyed. And Pizzelli's has a large selection of beer and wine to enhance your meal.

Gus and Maria also own Niko's Restaurant in Dover. So many things were already perfected when they opened Pizzelli's. Niko's Restaurant is now run by their parents, so that they may concentrate on Pizzelli's. They are always striving to improve things to make it more enjoyable! 

 Fresh and homemade are the words at Pizzelli's. House dressings and sauces made right at the restaurant. Cheese cut fresh every day. Pizza dough made fresh every morning. A soon as you get that first bite, you will be able to tell the difference!

 The portions are huge, but leave room for dessert. New York style cheesecake, tiramisu, baklava, just to name a few, will make the perfect ending to the perfect meal!

Pizzelli's supports the local community. Call us and ask about helping you with your next fundraiser.

How about a good way to share the enjoyment. A Pizzelli's Italian Restaurant gift certificate makes the perfect gift for your friends and family.


 A note from Gus and Maria:

We would like to say thank you!

 Please accept our appreciation and sincere thanks for letting us serve you. Sometimes in the rush of business life we fail to say thanks loud enough, but you can be sure your patronage is never taken for granted. Our aim is to please and satisfy. To serve you is a real privilege and a pleasure. 
We look forward to seeing you again.

The Management and Staff


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